These are all great folks, and they all have some degree of familiarity with Hand Analysis. I recommend them highly.


Elisa Dumesnil, MFT
Oakland, Ca

Hans Stahlschmidt, Berkeley, CA
Life Coach:
David Skibbins, Northern Ca

Emotional Education:

Joie Seldon, MA, Oakland, CA


Financial Recovery Consultant:

Ellen Stern, MFT, Oakland, CA


Career Counselor: 
Toni Littlestone, Albany, CA

Archetypal Astrologer:
Richard Stromer, Berkeley, CA

Greg Harper, Oakland, CA, Lafayette, CA


Lucy Grace Yaldezian, San Ramon, CA

International Institute of Hand Analysis:

Richard Unger, San Rafael, CA

Nutritional Counseling:
Lynn Elliot-Harding, Oakland, CA

Laura Kennedy has stumbled upon an incredibly fascinating tool to invite us to see ourselves in renewed light...gently, but with challenges to move us forward. What a value and GEM of an experience to have your hands read by Laura!

As a licensed therapist, I'm not quick to endorse something I don't quite understand or initially trust--such as hand analysis--which sounded a little too Northern California to me, at first. :) However, this is not a palm reading. Laura's work is based on the studies and databases of thousands and thousands of handprints which apparently show patterns that speak to personalities, life purposes, life lessons and areas to focus on or just acknowledge and then lovingly accept.

Laura's life/career experience as both a loving mother and wise therapist come through during her hand analysis readings. Everyone I know who has had a reading has cherished the experience! Personally, I was touched by Laura's insights and ability to speak into nooks and crannies of my greatest strengths and most familiar struggles. Not only has Laura read for me, but also for my husband and three of my dearest friends. Without exception, all were blown away ... comforted ... affirmed ... challenged ... evoked and provoked toward new understandings and in some cases, new actions that have breathed life into dormant corners that were stagnant.

Perhaps the most telling review I can offer about Laura's work is this. Recently, two dear friends became engaged and another friend lost his life partner to cancer after 14 years together. For these friends, one of the best gifts I could think to give them during these times of both celebration and grief was the gift to see Laura for a hand analysis reading. It's way less time consuming or involved as therapy, yet what you can glean out of just one reading may be quite transforming and potentially healing.

As someone who works with couples in counseling who often find themselves stuck having the same argument over and over again, I often wonder how their ability to more gently/lovingly accept themselves and each other *as they are* could be nurtured by having their hands read together by Laura. At the very least, what fertile seeds for further conversation! To top it off, it's fun.

So if you'd like to understand yourself a little better, and walk away with copies of your handprints and an audio recording of the session as well...go see Laura. She's lovely.
    Elisa Dumesnil, MFT


I was skeptical about hand reading, but being a curious person, was eager to try it with Laura, especially after hearing about her background in psychotherapy. As soon as you meet her, you know she is a person of intelligence and integrity; someone you can trust. This is not about meeting a tall dark stranger, or the spirit of your great-great grandmother, but about meeting yourself in a new way. When I thought about it, it made sense that just as the lines in one’s face tell so much about the person, so the lines in the hands, which change over time, can reveal traits to a person trained to interpret them; and the fingerprints, which do not change, could tell something about one’s genetic makeup.  I was amazed at the accuracy of her observations and surprised at the depth of her analysis.

Laura Kennedy has discovered a fascinating tool, and she uses it with a fine-tuned sensitivity.  –Annita C-W.


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