What is Hand Analysis?

    Hand Analysis combines the ancient art of palmistry with the modern science of Dermatoglyphics. 

Dermatoglyphics, a field of medical research, examines the fingerprints and similar skin ridge patterns on the palms. These elements of the hand are unchanging, and they tell us about our core identity.


Traditional palmistry looks at the shape of the hands, the set of the fingers, the lines in the palm, and so on.  These elements tell us about our personalities.

Many traditional palmists use this information predictively.  As a hand analyst, I do not make predictions.

Traditional palmistry tools can tell you about the way you interact with the world. You probably have some feel for this information already! Do you approach life with a mental orientation?  Are you more emotionally-based? Some combination of the two?  Or are you more of a hands-on, kinesthetic person?  Do you want to make a big impact? Or would you be happier just tending your own garden? These are just a few of the personality traits traditional palmistry tools can pinpoint.


Hand Analysis: Identity Beyond the Personality

     The personality information encoded in your hands is subject to a certain amount of change, just as your personality is.  But there is also a deeper level of information available in your hands. This concerns your core identity, which you had five months before you were born and which will not change throughout your life. 


 It is in your fingerprints.


We know that fingerprints can be used to identify us. What most of us don’t know is that they can give us very detailed information about who we are.  Using your fingerprints, we will discover your Life Purpose and your Life Lesson. Perhaps most importantly, we will learn how to turn that Life Lesson from the thing that repeatedly trips you up into an ally that helps you achieve your Life Purpose.


Using Hand Analysis, you and I will undertake a journey together.  We look at your core identity (fingerprints) and see how it interacts with your personality (lines, shapes, set). Together we will then use what we find to map out the terrain of your life and help you find your way.



Laura is a trained psychotherapist and book editor as well as a trained hand analyst. Learning her solid credentials made her credibility quotient go way up in my book (maybe unfair but true).

But after meeting her, I don't care what else she was trained in.  Laura "gets" you and communicates it back in ways that you can hear and work with. For those times when you're feeling cloudy, stuck, frustrated or clueless, a hand analysis from Laura can shine a light.

Part of the process is, Laura makes a print of each hand and examines the results carefully. There is a whole framework and logos to the study. What can I say - weird but true (like most of life)...Laura was right on about me, my husband and the two friends I sent to her.

One last thing - I learned that our fingerprints (though not our palm prints) form in utero and are fixed. I can't wait to give this as a gift to the next person I know having a baby :-) –Jessica B.






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