Can we actually be "whatever we want?" The truth is, we can only be who we really are!  Who are you really? Hand analysis can help you answer that question in a deep, lasting, fulfilling way, and show you how to achieve that life. Call me for an appointment at 510-444-1430 today!



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 You have a treasure map!

What if you had a map of yourself that would guide you through your life's journey?

 You do!

Your hands provide a  map to the mysteries of your personality and your deeper self. With the discoveries you and I make together in your Hand Analysis, you can begin to explore and understand all the various confusing, contradictory, fascinating parts of yourself. You will begin to see how the pieces of the terrain fit together. And you can use this map to find your way to a life that will deeply satisfy you. 


     Your hands contain a treasure chest of information about who you are and how you operate in the world.  This is what the ancient palmists saw in people’s hands. Modern medical researchers have also learned that information encoded in our hands reveals physical and psychological facts about us. 

    Hand Analysis combines ancient tradition with modern research to tell you about your identity at a deep level and to show you how that deep, core identity combines with your outer personality to create the unique person that you are.  You will learn your Life Purpose, your Life Lesson, and how to make that lesson your ally instead of your enemy.

The Difference Between Palmistry and Hand Analysis

  Though some palmists use traditional palmistry to make predictions, Hand Analysis is NOT predictive.  You get to use the information we discover together to create your own future.

About Laura 

    After getting my M.A. in Transpersonal Counseling at JFK University in Orinda, California and practicing as a psychotherapist for 5 years, I spent 10 years raising children and working as an editor and a book doctor. 

Working on LifePrints by hand analyst Richard Unger for two years (Available NOW from or at your favorite bookstore)  got me hooked on Hand Analysis, which brought me back into the world of personal counseling. What I love most is working heart-to-heart with people. A person’s personality and soul identity are immediately recognizable in their hands, along with a map of the direct route to the life they most want to have.

Laura is warm, witty and insightful about life paths and possibilities. She was so on the mark with her analysis of my hands, that I sent my three children to her, and they still talk about Laura's observations and comments. If you ever ponder the big or small questions in your life, treat yourself to a consultation with Laura. She is well-grounded in psychotherapeutic training, and her life experience renders her refreshingly sensible in her advice.  --Sonia A.


Laura is great!
This is not hocus-pocus mumbo jumbo "you will marry a man with dark hair..." !!!

This is a real look into how your hands show what your DNA has made you good or not good at.  This is not future predictions.  It's an explanation of how you got where you are, what your challenges may be, and what your strength are!

Laura is warm, sensitive and wise. Go talk to her!  --Susan G.


“The Heart's Desire group provides a supportive environment for epiphanies.  Once I opened to the process, I found the messages get stronger, the connections start to emerge, and a different life seems not only possible, but undeniable.  This group feels like a doorway.  I am so grateful for the opportunity.”  --Peggy Bush, Business Attorney


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