Personal Consultation

 Please contact me for a personal consulation. Together we will discover your Life Purpose and map out the easiest and most effective route to your personal fulfillment. You will get a tape of the session, a copy of your handprints, and a Life Map.

 Personal Consultations are $200/session



Come join me as I co-lead a 10 week creative workshop, following Sonia Choquette's book, Your Heart's Desire.  My co-leader is the very gifted Ellen Stern, MFT, whose talents range from art therapy to financial recovery and beyond. We work through Your Heart's Desire using collage and other art forms to help you discover and create that which your heart desires most. 

We accept 8 individuals into each workshop and work once a week, chapter by chapter, to uncover your deepest desires and learn how to make them happen.

Also offered are half day classes: you form the group and we will accommodate.

*Look at the bottom of the page to see what folks are saying about Your Heart's Desire!*

Couple and Group Consultation

I also consult with couples, families, and groups.  Once you have your own personal life map, imagine how valuable it will be to compare it to that of your family members or co-workers!  You can see where your maps intersect, where they diverge, what’s changeable, what’s not, and learn how to work with this information for more fulfilling, creative, workable relationships.


 Children: $100/session  Couples: $300/session 

Groups: $200 plus $50 for each additional person

Following the Map

 Because change can be tricky, I provide follow-up sessions to your initial hand reading.  Using my experience and training as a psychotherapist and life coach, we will work specifically from the events and circumstances of your life as it unfolds. 

 Together we will forge an alliance to map out the ways that your Life Purpose and Life Lesson are showing up on your treasure hunt. We will pinpoint the best and shortest route for you to make your individual impact on the world and find your greatest fulfillment.

 These sessions are 30 minutes long and can be either in person or by phone.  Email support is also available.

 Following the Map: $100/30 minute session

SPECIAL PACKAGE: Individual Consultation plus 2 followup sessions: $400


 Hand Circles/Seminar

 Give your friends a taste of Hand Analysis. Host a Hand Circle and get a FREE Personal Consultation. 

 Here’s how it works: you invite 10-12 friends to your home.  I will give a brief picture of what Hand Analysis is, and then give each participant a 10-minute analysis. 

 These events are always fun!  Even a short analysis is enough to provide an exciting new perspective on a person’s life. Hand Circles provoke reflection, thoughtful conversation, and invariably deepen the participants’ understanding of and appreciation for one another.

 Hand Circle Seminars: $30/person


*Read what people are saying about Your Heart's Desire:*

This group provides a supportive environment for epiphanies.  Once I opened to the process, I found the messages get stronger, the connections start to emerge, and a different life seems not only possible, but undeniable. This group feels like a doorway.  I am so grateful for the opportunity. --P. B., Business Attorney


Ellen and Laura, thank you so much for the class, which enabled me to engage with the material in ways that would not have been possible on my own - just wouldn't have happened. I'm continuing to play/work with it. Another huge benefit was meeting and being with the others in this way - all of us working with the material together.

Much love, JB



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